Web Development

A unique website is one of the most important forms of business identity. Website performance, modern stylistics, and user-friendly content are key components of a successful project.


Social media content

Vivid and memorable solutions are the reasons why your future client will want to choose you. By entrusting design solutions to professionals, you are one big step closer to the goal of your advertising campaign.


Moving graphics, explanatory videos, and short animations are the tools that allow you to convey even the most complex message in a simple, understandable, and interesting way.


Whatever image you create, your customers will remember. We believe that one of the components of a successful business is a professional corporate image and impeccable visual representation.

Why us?

Ficus Media is a brave and passionate team that creates and implements innovative online marketing solutions. Our team performs website, graphic design, business identity development, and other work. We are looking for a new, modern, surprising solution for every client.

We believe that online advertising is an essential component of marketing these days. Therefore, when creating our works, we always take into account the user experience and business benefits of our product.

Our Partners